The Ister-Granum EGTC held its general assembly on 25 of May in Esztergom

At the beginning of the session Mr. Gyula Ocskay, the director of the EGTC spoke about the work of the last two and half month period. The time from the general assembly held in March was spent mainly with the overview of the financial situation of the grouping and making steps to ensure that everything is legal. He indicated that the working body of the EGTC will move into a new office in the near future.

The Assembly accepted the Financial Report of the grouping of the year 2011 but the Supervisory Board proposed the organization’s complete financial due diligence, and also requested the Director to prepare a detailed written report about the financial movements of the year 2010.

As the third item of the agenda the implementation of the approved projects was discussed. Since the EGTC has no assets, the pre-financing of the three projects can be ensured only by borrowing. After lengthy debate, the Assembly made a decision: the Hungarian settlements undertake guarantee in proportion to the population, while the Slovak settlements undertake payment of the shareholder’s loan in proportion to the population in order to ensure successful implementation of the regional touristic project.
The grouping steps back from the two transnational projects because of the absence of financial resources. After this decision the General Assembly accepted the financial and work plan of the Grouping of the year 2011.

It was planned to discuss the changes in the Statute of the organization. Éva Tétényi, the President recommended to accept the Senate’s proposal to establish a preparatory committee composed of five members and negotiate the changes on a later session. József Pósfai, the mayor of Úny was elected as the chairman of the committee. The other members of the Committee are Dr. György Illés (Pilisszentlászló), Dr. Ján Oravec (Štúrovo), Pál Bakonyi (Želiezovce / Zselíz) and Gyula Ocskay, the director.

Finally, Zsolt Török held an informative lecture on the second call of the Hungary-Slovakia Cross-border Cooperation Programme in 2011, then Bőszéné Szatmári-Nagy Anikó, editor presented the local history book: “Our Past without Borders – Esztergom and its surroundings since the beginning to the Ister-Granum Euroregion”.