Visitors from the Tatra Euroregion

Within the framework of the project entitled “From Tatra Euroregion to the European Grouping of Territorial Co-operation” and supported by the Poland – Slovak Cross-border Co-operation Program a seven members delegation arrived to our region to gain more knowledge about the Ister-Granum EGTC which was registered as the second one in the European Union.

The visitors were welcomed in the County Hall at 11 o’clock on Thursday 8th of December by the co-chairs of the Grouping Éva Tétényi and Ján Oravec, Károly Drapák, member of the Senate and director Peter Nagy. The hosts besides the introduction of the region presented the chronicle of the co-operation which became institutionalized after the reconstruction of the Maria Valeria Bridge. Finally, they shared their experiences about the process of transformation of the Euroregion to EGTC.

After the mutual introduction an intense exchange of views emerged about the funding problem which characterizes mainly the cross-border co-operations. Both sides spoke about the results achieved since their establishment but they did not conceal neither the mistakes.

Irena Hrachoviczká and Sarolta Jenei also took part in the meeting who work for the Južný Región Regional Development Agency. They introduced their organization and the Ister-Granum EGTC service providing system to the NGOs. Zoltán Horváth, the president of the Esztergom Environmental Cultural Association outlined their organization’s projects realized within the Hungarian-Slovak CBC Program.

Gábor Duka, mayor of the village Karva showed round his village to the guests after the lunch. During the walk they visited the renovated main square and the mansion which can be the EGTC tourist visitor center if the project will be approved. Then he talked about the new possibilities that the ports co-constructed together with Lábatlan will provide for the region. Mr. Duka spoke also about the Ister-Granum Solidarity Fund in connection with the Community Centre the roof of which was partially repaired with the financial support of the fund.

In the evening our guests met with Mr. Lajos Gaál, the mayor of Kesztölc, who presented the village, the work of the Slovak minority government and he spoke about the events supported by the Solidarity Fund. Mónika Hartl and László Benefi, Knights of Wine Vinum Ister-Granum Regionis also attended the dinner. They made a presentation about their history, events and competitions.

In the morning our guests visited the Basilica and took a short walk on the castle hill as a non-official part of the day.