16th September 1999: The Prime Ministers Mikuláš Dzurinda and Viktor Orbán signed the agreement on the reconstruction of the Mária Valéria Bridge.

8th December 1999: Tamás Meggyes Deputy Mayor of Esztergom charged with the tasks of the mayor and Ján Oravec Mayor of Štúrovo (Párkány) agreed on the establishment of a regional cooperation

15th May 2000: According to the decrees of the two cities’ representative body the cooperation agreement of Esztergom and Štúrovo (Párkány) on the establishment of a regional cooperation was signed

13th October 2000: The representatives of the Južný región (Southern Region) with Štúrovo as centre, the Esztergom-Nyergesújfalu Kistérségi Területfejlesztési Társulás (Esztergom-Nyergesújfalu Sub-regional Development Association) and the settlements of Tokod and Tokodaltáró signed the declaration of regional co-operation in the presence of Mr. Hans Beck, the Head of the EU Delegation to Hungary. The region aims to create the framework of co-operation of 22 Slovakian and 11 Hungarian settlements.

17th October 2000: The official handing over the workspace on the bridge

8th December 2000: The first meeting of the Advisory Council what was the decision-making body of the cooperation.

8th December 2000: The registration of the Eurohíd Foundation (Esztergom), which had been founded to support the micro region, was done.

31st May 2001: According to the decision of the Advisory Council the cooperation got the name “Ister-Granum Border Small Region”.

26th June 2001: The 8 professional committees of the small region held their joint inaugural meeting.

11th October 2001: The inauguration of the Mária Valéria Bridge

10th April 2002: First mayor’s meeting of the small region (the number of the settlements of the small regional reaches 42)

2-4 May 2002: The First Ister-Granum Regional Youth Theatre Festival

19-21 July 2002: The First Ister-Granum Folk Art Festival

December 2002 – March 2003: The First Ister-Granum Hall Football Cup

December 2002: The Jövő 2000 Foundation with the seat in Mužla (Muzsla) expanded its scope to regional one.

9th May 2003: ‘Bridges at the Border’ Conference. Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed with the euroregion Provincia Bothniensis.

15th August 2003: The edition of the euroregion’s daily newspaper ‘Hídlap’ was launched.

17th November 2003: The declaration of intent for the establishment of the Ister-Granum Euroregion was signed.

4th February 2004: The first General Assembly of the euroregion

21st September 2005: The delegation of the Euroregion (first amongst the euroregions of the new member states) presented its development plan in the European Parliament in Brussels.

15th November 2005: The municipality of the city of Esztergom decided on the establishment of an independent regional development agency.

26th October 2006: Inauguration of the regional development agency.

6th May 2008: The inaugural meeting of the Ister-Granum EGTC